Reth's Filedump

So, this is sorta my server. I have files on here. Different sorts of files. Most stuff here you'll probably recieve by a direct link. And, yes, I've got autoindexing enabled, in case you want to scrub around. ;3

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NMF Audio Archive

I like to read visual novels, in particular I'm a fan of No More Future. It's soundtrack is pretty awesome, but untagged .ogg files are a mess. -w-
So I took it upon myself to convert the soundtrack to .mp3 format, add tags, and pack it up! In case if you need the soundtrack AND you like to keep your library tidy - feel free to get it here.

Download .tar archive

XKCD Reader

A simple Android reader for XKCD, made as a school project.

Download .apk and Source code